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We’re a team of people that loves learning, sharing knowledge, and helping start-ups with their goals. With our extensive experience in both the public (including the NHS) and the private sector, we have supported healthcare businesses set up and grow successfully through enterprise and well-being support, business incubation, programme management, and consultancy.

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Accredited by The Institute of Consultancy, Ktrio is a Healthcare Consulting Agency that has been training and supporting healthcare entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams of starting and growing their healthcare businesses since 2015.
With the help of our talented team, we’re sure to bring out the best in you and your new business.

Our team is small and mighty, we don’t like to overcomplicate things and this helped us develop our easy and comprehensive workflow.

We have been training, supporting, and inspiring healthcare entrepreneurs since 2015. We provide specialist Coaching and Mentoring services to healthcare start-ups. We are an Institute of Consulting accredited developer and deliverer of training and support aimed at healthcare businesses in the UK,

Meet Our Team

Brasso Khupe

LLB (Hons)

Compliance Lead

 Brasso leads the Compliance department and provides expert legal support to healthcare businesses. He joined Ktrio having provided Advocacy support and working in Government authorities panels for more than 7 years. With a specialist background in Employment Dispute, court filing, Legal research, Child protection, Advocacy, and litigation, Brasso offers a wealth of law experience.

Angie Khupe


Healthcare Business Strategist

Angie Khupe is the Managing Director and Co-founder of  KTrio Consultancy. Angie has over 25 years’ experience working at a senior management and executive level across the public, private and social economy sectors. At Ktrio, Angie provides financial and operational leadership, and develops a range of training and business growth programmes. 

Dr. Munavvar Syedda


Operations Manager

Munavvar is our Operations Manager Manager. She provides information, support, coaching, advice and guidance to individuals looking to start or grow their own healthcare business. She holds a PhD on Business Support and has been providing business advice to small businesses.

Faatimah Hartley

Group Administrator

Faatimah is our Group Administrator. She provides information and support towards preparing CQC supporting documents, CQC Applications, responding to CQC, Sponsorship Licence applications, and client company branding and marketing. Faatimah holds a bachelor’s degree and has provided small business support for over five years.

Hilton TC

Web Developer

Hilton is our web developer. He has over 12 years working experience in web development with experience and certifications in Development, UX and SEO. He has vast knowledge in several web related issues ranging from Hosting and Web security