Why set up a Healthcare business?

Everything you need to know from starting and beyond.


Step 1

Setting up your business from the ground up

Everything you need from A to Z, from Business plans to getting you prepared for CQC interviews, our team of expert that specialise in the healthcare field have all the advice and resources you'll need to start your Supported Living, Domiciliary or Nursing Agency.

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Step 2

Compliance support

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Legal compliance is key in delivering Quality Care. Our Compliance Team is highly experienced with over 25 years (combined as a team) to ensure that you operate within the KLOE standards and meet the Health and Social Care Act. We offer full CQC application support. Pre- inspection auditing and quality assurance to your start-ups and business growth

Step 3

Marketing Strategy

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Marketing is almost as important as your business plan, our creative team will formulate a customised marketing strategy tailored for your business and unqiue selling point. This is an essential blueprint on how your business plans on expanding or growing your social media presence, optimised portal profiles and much more. 

HEALTH CARE BUSINESS - Ktrio Consultancy

We make setting up your Business easy


What we do

"Now more than ever, there is an incredible opportunity to set up your own healthcare business. While the COVID-19 pandemic has reminded all of us of the vital role health workers play, it has also highlighted the looming healthcare crisis – shortage of healthcare workers. Act today and be part of something incredible and make history with your own healthcare business."

- Angie Khupe, Consultant Lead

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Domiciliary Care 

provision of personal care (help with washing, dressing and eating) to people with long-term care needs in their home. 

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Supported Living

support people with learning disabilities, mental health needs, autism, and Asperger’s syndrome to live how and where they choose in your supported living service. 

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Nursing Recruitment Agency

connect nurses to their potential jobs and/or health care provider to quality employees.  

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Your business isn't just a pretty logo, your brand is the face of your company. It should represent what you do, who you are and the services you offer in a clear and concise manner. 

We offer a FREE branding analysis to see what can be improved and what's working well in your branding & marketing.

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Social media management 

& Website maintenance

We offer daily graphic design and social media posts, scheduled, keyword optimised and ready to go on your platforms. 

Our website development team also offer website maintenance so you can rest assured that your website's security, policies and amendments are always done on time.

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Marketing in a smart and cost efficient way can lead to many benefits to your business. You may offer the best services in the healthcare field but if no one can see or aware of your business how can they reach out to you?

We use with tested and proven methods on growing your supported living, domiciliary or nursing recruitment agency business, prescence online.


Accredited by The Institute of Consultancy, Ktrio is a Healthcare Consulting Agency who has been training and supporting healthcare entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams of starting and growing their healthcare business since 2015. 

With the help of our talented team, we're sure to bring out the best in you and your new business. 

Talk to us today to book your free consultation!


Brasso Khupe

Compliance Lead,

LLB (Hons)

Brasso co-founded Ktrio Consultancy as a commitment to improving the quality of healthcare and providing business support services to help more healthcare entrepreneurs to start and grow their own enterprises. Brasso leads the Compliance department and provides expert legal support to healthcare businesses.  He joined Ktrio having provided Advocacy support and working in Government authorities panels for more than 7 years. With a specialist background in Employment Dispute, court filing, Legal research, Child protection, Advocacy and litigation, Brasso offers a wealth of law experience. 

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Angie Khupe

Healthcare Business Strategist,


Angie Khupe is the Managing Director and Co-founder of KTrio Consultancy. Angie has over 25 years’ experience working at a senior management and executive level across the public, private and social economy sectors. At Ktrio, Angie provides financial and operational leadership, and develops a range of training and business growth programmes. 


Joan Mejia,

Branding & Marketing

Co-ordinator, BA (hons) 

Ambitious, hard-working and self-driven Joan is a qualified graphic designer with a degree in Illustration & Graphics, and has over  6 years’ experience in design and web development. She is our Marketing and Branding Co-ordinator and offers her expertise in developing healthcare business’ brand strategy and identity.  


Jayne Sinclair

Executive Assistant

Jayne has over 25 years’ experience as an Executive Assistant. Jayne has worked within health and social care for 10+ years and has extensive knowledge of supported living, domiciliary care/community services documentations, especially CQC support documents, Safeguarding, Quality Assurance and Compliance. 


Dr. Munavvar Syedda 

Business Development, 


Munavvar is our Business Development Manager. She provides information, support, coaching, advice and guidance to individuals looking to start or grow their own healthcare business. She holds a PhD on Business Support and has been providing business advice to small businesses. Before joining Ktrio, Munavvar had managed a number of projects across Leeds supporting women and children and promoting health, equality, economic development and equality and diversity. 





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